Some people don’t like to see other people happy or in thriving relationships.

Protect your Relationship

This is because they are jealous of what you and your significant other have and they feel as though they cannot achieve that level of love. Because these people are insecure, they will try to attack your relationship and make it crumble. They would rather see a destroyed love than one that is blossoming.

The way to overcome people who work to take down your relationship is to stay together. Nothing gets under someone’s skin more than things not going their way. In the long run, you will notice that these people get bored and turn to the next person to bother when they realize that you and your significant other can’t be touched. Staying strong and avoiding adversity is a great way to prevent ignorant and hateful people. A relationship should not be built on the people around you; it should be built with the people in it. It should not matter what other people think because it is not their life, it’s yours. So keep your trust within a circle of those who love you and do not worry about other’s opinions because yours is the only one that truly matters.