24 Sep 2020
September 24, 2020


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My friend Kirkland called me recently and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was mapping out some investment strategies while watching Maury. Kirkland has never watched Maury. He asked me why I found it fascinating. I said it is the drama that unfolds when the results of a lie detector or paternity tests are revealed. After that conversation, Kirkland went and watched a few episodes of the Maury show, and he had questions. He asked me why are men so angry when they just found out they are the father. I told him the reason why they’re mad is not that they are the father is because they found out a financial anchor has been put around their neck for the next 18 years. They are also upset because they have to deal with this toxic dramatic woman for 18 years. Considering the average American lives about 74 years, That means a whole quarter of your life is going to be spent dealing with a toxic angry scorned woman who will take every opportunity to make your life hell.


That is why who you are around is extremely important. Whom you associate with is extremely important in who you were intimate with is especially important. You do not want an environment that is laced with negativity. Many decisions we make early on in life make a huge impact later. My friend Kirkland has been incredibly careful in this department because he knows and always knew who you hang around is essential. Try to refrain from people who have nothing to lose. These people will destroy you and your financial ability to grow.

As Maury would say: in the case of your financial and mental future, YOU ARE THE FATHER