It is more than confusing and defeating when you have multiple setbacks in a short period. Many people will give up on anything because they have encountered adversity and setbacks. Trouble is a sign of you growing in the right direction.

My wife and I are going on a vacation that is very much needed, and my wife was telling someone about this trip where she’s going to experience many first and in my wife telling this person our trip, she says as long as nothing goes wrong. When my wife said that when nothing goes wrong, I said something is going to go wrong. Everything worthwhile has some adversity, and I know either it’s TSA,  the reservation is not right, or the seating chart or something is going to go wrong even if it’s as little as a gate change. I fully expect things to go wrong when you are trying to do something good because it is a signal you are doing something right. Some setbacks need examination and reformulation of a plan; most of them need to be overcome.

We talk about higher vibration at higher altitude in your thinking. Whether it is raining right now at 30,000 feet, the sun is shining regardless of what is happening on the ground. Embrace the rain in your life and use that rain to grow, just like it is fertilizer.

There are going to be heartbreaks and setbacks in your life. Still, they don’t define you; they make you stronger just like iron does to steel makes it stronger, resolved today to be strong, embrace the adversity and find room to grow regardless of what’s going on; remember, you’re still here, and by God, you are blessed. Now go out there and find your Infinite Blue Ocean.