Many people are afraid to take the next step toward success because they don’t want to be called a sellout or a suck up, but you should never worry about what other people think. People will try to say things about you only to bring you down.

When you work hard others may think that you are making them look bad and you are sucking up but all you are doing is making a better life for yourself. Being a “sell out” is not something you should worry about because it is not a bad thing. People are just jealous of your success and hate to see that you are working toward something that they have not been able to achieve. Has a sellout concert ever been bad? No, because that means that they are successful. With success comes to hate, once you realize that it will become easier to understand that the ones that loath are naturally upset with themselves. You cannot worry about what people think of you, there will always be haters, but there will also be the ones who are happy to see you grow and succeed. So be a “sell out,” or a “suck up” because all that means is that you are becoming closer and closer to reaching your goals.