I usually don’t speak on relationship issues. But, today I’m going to talk about that subject. Finding the proper mate is the most important thing you could choose. Do not get trapped by someone’s beauty and outer appearance. Instead, you must search in your heart or that person’s soul and their intentions. They may have a pretty face and a dynamic body, but are they the one for you? In your quest for success, picking a suitable mate is paramount.

On your way to success, you will find that the higher the ladder you climb, the more options you will have. And this is not exactly a good thing at all times. For example, a person who makes $19,000 a year will not have the same dating options as someone who makes $119,000 a year. However, if you make $19,000 and find the person who loves you for you and makes you a better person, they are worth more than gold. Unfortunately, sometimes you will find people who only want you because you are successful, and they’re hoping to hitch their wagon to your success.

You must be cautious of those who are only with you for your money, power, or success. These people want to date you because you have credentials they don’t have. These people assume that you magically got your power and wealth. These people don’t see the sacrifices, the planning, the positive mental attitude that went into your success. The reason why they don’t see that is that they don’t possess those same powerful qualities.

Let’s be completely honest: the powerful and the wealthy are not necessarily famous in America. The majority of other people who are successful and influential got there from hard work and getting the cooperation of others. Who will you date is essential and at the pinnacle of that is who you marry. So protect your area, protect your brain and keep swimming in the Infinite Blue Ocean of success.