Successful People Use the Tool of a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) to Achieve Success

PMA Innate or Learned

It is not always easy to think in a positive way. Some seem to come by positive thinking naturally. Others tend toward the negative. My IBO partners Jerold and Steve are two of the most positive people I know. After getting to know them well, it is my opinion that their level of positive attitude is not innate. They were not born that way. Yes, to reach their high level of positive mental attitude, it took training and practice! Here are some ideas to help you reach the goal of a consistently positive mental attitude. One benefit of achieving that goal will be an abundance of positive things happening in your life.

How to Train Your Mind to Stay Positive

Smile and Look Up

003-Think-PositiveIf your thoughts are currently negative, look up and smile. Go ahead and do it! We find this to make us feel better and immediately more positive. We use this technique to interrupt negative or fearful thoughts and remind ourselves to stay positive. Train yourself to recognize negative thinking and use this technique to break the negative thought cycle and refocus on being positive in attitude.

Set Your Mind When You Wake Up

Another technique is to clear your mind completely when you wake up. Then, over the next minute or two, dwell on the good in your life. This will set your mind for positive thinking in the waking period ahead. This will help you start each day in a positive stride.

Hang Out With Positive People

I recently heard a friend say to choose friends as if you live in a one room apartment which has a one-way door; friends can walk in, but never walk out. Imagine being stuck with the wrong people for the rest of your life! Real life is not this extreme, but I get the point. Parting with friends, when necessary, is time consuming and emotionally draining. So, pick your friends, and especially mentors, carefully to save time and wellbeing. Make sure those friends have a similar goal of living life with a positive attitude.

Expect Good to Happen

We at IBO are firm believers that when good things are expected to happen in our lives, then good things tend to happen. People with a positive mental attitude expect to have good relationships, wealth, health and happiness; and they tend to get them with abundance. This does not mean there are not challenges in life. Competition, illness and adversity do happen. But, keeping a positive attitude through thick and thin is one tool we discuss at IBO which will lead you up the path to the abundance you seek. So, keep your mind focused and positive. Your thoughts are one of the few things you can control. Your positive thoughts will lead to positive behaviors and positive behaviors will lead to an abundance of good.