05 Jan 2017
January 5, 2017

When you are in the ZONE!

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You may be familiar with this feeling: you sit down to write, paint, design, or code and you find yourself completely caught up in the moment. When you finally stop to take a break, you are surprised by the fact that three hours have gone by. Psychologists call this experiencing “flow,” otherwise referred to as being “in the zone.”

Happiness man silhouette on the sunset

The Glow of the Zone!!

When you are in the zone there is no worry of failure and time is diminished; you are so completely involved in something that time has flown by and you have not even realized it, there is no self-conscious thought. You are just doing it, and you are not worried about the consequences or what other people are thinking. (Try not to become conceited however)

In the Zone – a state of being completely involved in an activity – is not just some made up nickname for productivity. Psychologists have published numerous studies about the processes that take place in the brain when experiencing flow. The part of the brain associated with consciousness and self-reflection, is very active during moments of heavy creative output in your Infinite Blue Ocean.