We specialize in helping people get to the next level. Our biggest obstacle is what is people tell themselves.

Many times while it is important to be realistic about the situation, our assessment is often flawed. We state to people that we cannot find a job we want because there are none out there. Really? Therefore, the 135,000 people who get a job every four hours in this country is not real. Then, you are telling me every single person that is on Wall Street is going to be there in never leave his or her job or retire.

Do  not defeat yourself

Do not defeat yourself

Thus, you are telling me that every single person who is employed is going to be there forever and not looking to improve. That is not realistic. The problem is we give up too soon.

What is more destructive is the self-talk that we do not have the ability or the knowledge because of our age, size or cultural background. That actually is not true. Therefore, you are telling me that you are ready to find a new love but there are no good men out there. Consequently, what you mean is your best friend who got married last week is the last person to find a good man. There are thousands of people who are in community events; millions of people online dating and not one single one of them are good enough for you. They are all gone. Is that what you are telling me? As you can see, many people spend a great deal of time putting their efforts into complaining about the situation instead of sinking that energy into fixing the problem. Many times the problem is not that there is not enough to go around the problem is merely convincing yourself that there is not any.

The problem is purely in your mind. Make your plan stick to it and do not let others around you convince you that you do not have the ability. We live in a global society and you live in one of the greatest countries that ever was. There is an Infinite Blue ocean waiting for you. You are delightful and talented (somebody had to tell you).