What is a Success Coach?

What is a Success Coach?

The world is an infinite blue ocean. Everything you perceive in this ocean is yours for the taking. What will you choose? What will you discard? Will you choose things that help you achieve success? Or will you forget your destination and be lost—shipwrecked if you will—by contradictory desires and things that aren’t in line with the purpose you started with?

A success coach deals with success. Unlike a life coach, a success coach isn’t concerned with your life. It’s not about your family, or your relationship with your great Aunt Tilly—a success coach is there to make sure you achieve your goals. Like an expert navigator, we focus on steering you towards the shores of success day by day until we arrive at that goal together. We also challenge you to set higher and higher goals for yourself, lofty goals (goals that maybe even scare you a little bit). We know that adversity is part of the plan, it’s going to come. And we’ll be there to coach you through it and make sure you don’t give up.

Is Success Coaching for You?

You’re stuck in a rut. You’re not getting anywhere in your career. Your home life isn’t satisfying. You spend 8 hours every day at a job you hate, and the rest of the time decompressing. You’d like to move up in your company, but you gave up trying a long time ago. You’d like to start a business, but you don’t know how, or you just don’t have the energy to do it. You have no clue what you want to do. Or maybe you have millions of things you’d like to do, but don’t know how to get started.

That’s where success coaching comes in!

Since 2011, Infinite Blue Ocean has had over successful 100 clients. Through our personal and VIP coaching programs we’ve watched people grow from minimum wage workers to six figure income earners; go from abusive relationships to taking total control of their lives; go from homeless to living in a five-bedroom house; go from the unemployment line to owning their own company; and go from unknown nobodies to being recognized in the entertainment industry.

What sets our coaching apart from other programs?

We are very hands on. When I say we’re going to call you every day, I mean every day! Most programs say they’ll call you once a week, our minimum is once a week! We won’t browbeat you, but we want to be in your ear, encouraging you and using our positive mental attitude to leave you pumped up and excited after every conversation. Not only is this conducive for accountability, it’s realistic. Making progress towards a goal is like taking a shower, you can’t just take one shower a week and stay clean. You need to renew that dedication every day.

Why are we so personally involved with our clients? Because in the long run, we want success stories. We take our reputation as success coaches very seriously—so seriously that we’ve fully refunded clients that we felt weren’t taking the coaching seriously enough.

What will you leave our coaching with?

• A specific road map to achieving your goals—step by step, day by day, action plan.
• Business contacts—we’ll help you reach out to mentors, investors, and business partners
• Marketing advice—social media marketing is so easy, we’ll show you! We also have connections to smaller advertising agencies with great pricing and creative content
• Entrepreneurship and small business startup coaching
• Mindset training—there is a vast ocean of opportunities out there, you are not trying to compete with other people. It doesn’t matter if others have the same idea as you because there is enough success for everyone
• Brainstorming sessions around your industry
• Success strategies for major meetings and role playing for job interviews
• Networking advice—we can get you out of your own way when talking to people and help you network. You’ll be surprised who you already are connected to
• Wealth mindset training, and budget creation—find wealth that you already have and get control of your money. We’ll teach you how to track your spending

To find out more, schedule a free phone consultation with an Infinite Blue Ocean advisor today.