The story you’re telling yourself is essential because you believe yourself am I right? Are you telling yourself that you cannot be successful because you are poor or not attractive or you don’t have the ability? These stories that you tell yourself our false. Most of the time, you are telling yourself a story that was said to you. You were told that you are not lovable and that you are not capable. If you keep repeating these falsehoods in your head, they become a reality and authentic for you. Many people who tell you this hasn’t achieved anything themselves and feel that you can’t either. They subconsciously don’t want you to succeed because your succeeding would amplify their failures.

In as plain of English as possible will say to you that you are lovable and capable of everything. Specific laws of nature cannot be broken. I remember someone telling me the law of gravity could not be broken, but if you look at a bird, an airplane, or someone skydiving, the law of gravity is being bent and molded into productivity. Everything is possible until it isn’t. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t, especially if they’ve never tried it themselves. One more time, you are lovable, and you are competent