21 Aug 2021
August 21, 2021

Unintentional Attack

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When we go through our daily lives, we get attacks on our self-esteem and personal worth. Despite being unintentional, they still hurt the same. For example, someone may say something to you about an issue, and it feels like an attack. Other times we make a mistake, and the people pointing out your error will make it feel like their correction is an attack on our worth. But, the worst and most damaging are a self-attack. We are often very critical and judgmental of ourselves as a defense mechanism.

We are very vulnerable to attacks when we are off our plan or, worst yet, when we don’t have a plan at all. Having a plan of action is somewhat an armor around us. If you understand your purpose and destiny, most attacks will bounce off, and we are inoculated from self-attacks. Refer to your plan of action or, as I call it, your life blueprint. I like to call it my blueprint because every building and sturdy, durable structure that has stood the test of time has a blueprint for its foundation.

Make your plan today, stick to your plan, and most of all, execute your plan. Then, you will survive all intentional and unintentional attacks in the Infinite Blue Ocean of life.

Unintentional Attack