Within human beings the sex drive is the strongest drive we have. It is the strongest driving force to action that we have. It is good, when effectively managed and when it arises at the right time and situation. However, it can weaken us and distort reason when it is not effectively mastered.

One might think this makes sense, but he may have no idea of how to master – and convert – this energy into a virtue that can provide increased energy and productivity. First, we must remember that thoughts are things. We must remember that we have the complete right of control over our thoughts and a responsibility to focus our minds on that which is fruitful and worthwhile for self and others. Sexual energy can get control over us if we don’t make mastery over its power a priority. Second, I believe that an unblocked connection to Infinite Intelligence is needed in order to find the strength and Grace to truly accomplish this transformation of our thinking.

When sexual energy is strong it must be released or transmuted or it will be a negative energy that diminishes health, energy, and reason. The mind must be trained as to what is good to focus on, and what is not. Thus, have a positive mental attitude and remember that there is a trade-off in many things. For example, fantasies might occupy the mind, may appear pleasurable, but they diminish reason, energy, and health. Harness this power first through the mind. That which diminishes freedom and reason is counterproductive to accomplishment of a happy life. Learn to change the association and meaning of your thinking that causes drifting and loss of personal power and focus on that which brings freedom and power.

The journey towards taking control of one’s mind and harnessing the powerful sex drive to your advantage takes courage and determination. However, mastery provides great benefits, such as greater energy, better health, spiritual growth, and much less propensity of the mind to drift.

Once we are working on directing our thoughts in the right direction, we should also remember that action is the thing that makes things happen. Our actions should be rightly aligned with the inner strength we are working on developing. Avoid acting in ways contrary to the positive thoughts you want to develop. Decide who you want to be, and take ownership. When thoughts and actions become aligned, these things become automatic and the prior difficulties with harnessing the powerful sex energy will fade away. Effective habits to support the definite purpose will build a foundation thereby using the law of attraction to one’s advantage to bring about the positive things one desires to materialize instead of the negative.