18 Jun 2020
June 18, 2020

Track your spending

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The one blessing from our global pandemic is our spending is a lot less. One of our clients discovered that he has been spending close to $3000 a month on frivolous and pointless purchases. That is $36,000 a year not spent on reaching your goals. Many people complain that they don’t have enough money, but that’s not the case. I find the problem is we are spending a great deal of time on not succeeding. There is a new wave in a quiet industry that is making much money on what they call free apps. These free apps have fun games, but to continue playing, you need to make small purchases of $.99 here and $1.99 here and so on. Over time you will find that you’re spending hundreds of dollars on games.

I suggest getting a financial tracking software to track your spending. Many times we spend money, but we don’t see it at the end of the month. We need to invest in our future and your own goals. It is incredible how many people spend hours on gaming consoles. I know people who get up early in the morning and spend entire days 14 and 15 hours on a gaming console with headsets and comfortable chairs all in the name of gaming. These are the same people who blame government officials and outside circumstances on why they are not reaching their goals or why they’re not happy. Not only track your spending but track your time. Your money and your time are your two most valuable resources. We can coach you through that at Infinite Blue Ocean.