Historically every national disaster or issue our country has faced has wrapped in it a grand opportunity. With people staying home, this is a time for us to capitalize on the captive audience and opportunities in the marketplace. When the pandemic first hit, the first problem was the financial markets. It dropped significantly Because of the pending gloom and doom our economy. There is a small number of people who bought up as many stocks as possible, knowing they are going to bounce back in a matter of days. Some people became instant millionaires.

As I told you before, your number one issue is not money, but it is time. If you are working from home or if you are off work ultimately you have time which in many cases is more valuable than money. This pandemic is a grand opportunity for you to work on your plan of action and blueprint for success. This pandemic is your time to research getting grants and loans to fund your projects. With everyone using Zoom to meet people, you no longer must wait or fly to a location to talk to the person you want. You can set something up and talk to them using electronic media.

Some people realize being in this pandemic their most valuable asset is there a partner or you recognize your partner is toxic. This crisis is a golden opportunity to separate yourself from a toxic environment. Daily meditation, Which was probably not possible before because of time, is now within your grasp. Whether it was the great stock market crash, the dot com bubble, or acts of terrorism in our country, every problem comes with it the solution and a benefit, so seize this opportunity now.