It is easy to become a victim of your current circumstances, but your current events do not reflect who you are. Your present circumstances do not represent your final destination. Maybe people have started from mere beginnings or dire situations and turning it into absolutely Gold. I was reminded of the story from my business partner, Steve Welter, about the man who is 3 feet from Gold. So many people have become a victim of giving up way too soon. I was asked recently to open a jar of pickles for a relative. They have been trying for at least three or four minutes to open up this jar. Even before I opened it, I told him this is going to be easy for me because you’ve already done the hard work. They looked at me puzzled as I grab the top and easily open it. I told them they had already done the heavy lifting, and they had already opened it. They just gave up too soon.

Do not look at your current circumstances and say that you are doomed because you’re not. Every situation has the ability, like a maze, to get the exit. Every adversity has in it wrap the solution. We need to find the magic combination to unlock that solution. Just keep in mind your current situation is not your final destination in your Infinite Blue Ocean.