During this COVID-19 shelter-in-place situation, many of our clients are discovering that the partner or spouse in their life may not be the person that is going to assist them in getting to their goals. Unlike your typical 9 to 5, people have spent time with their spouses and partners for weeks now. Many people blamed the problems and issues of being close for so long. This theory is merely an excuse for settling for less.

One of our clients who has written goals is actively working towards getting it found out that his wife feels that his goal list is silly and pointless, she let him know in no uncertain terms that he should just stick to his 9 to 5 job as her father did. She also criticizes him for his dream because he was nowhere near getting there. She is creating a toxic environment where it is almost impossible to maintain a positive mental attitude which someone who was supposed to love you and support you.

This client is now preparing his exit strategy. What she has done has created a new goal for our client, and that is getting away from her. We do not abdicate anyone ending their marriage or relationship, that is an individual choice. Your home should be a haven for you to grow.

Many people, when they decide to get married, are getting married for the wedding. They want the pomp and circumstance, and they want the event. The event is the wedding, and they do nothing to prepare for the big job of the marriage. Many people soak thousands of dollars into one day but don’t spend any time working on their relationship in the union. I want to be clear here. It is almost impossible to reach the ultimate goals by yourself. You will always need help. And it’s still better to be in a marriage where the environment is positive, and the goals are mutual, which means that the goals are to work towards a worthy ideal, not necessarily both in the same direction but at least, they’re working together. Take this time and evaluate your environment.