I have discovered what people tell you is not exactly the truth all the time. In the fullness of time, the reality is always revealed. The thing you have to worry about is knowing how to think for yourself. When you think for yourself and connect the dots for yourself, you discover other solutions that no one’s ever believed. Often, we are the victim of people saying, “it’s always been done this way.” The phrase “it’s always done this way” is the kiss of death for creativity

Once you think for yourself and come up with your solutions, it would be wise not to share that would anyone but use that information to your advantage. I say we do not share our conclusion with anyone because having an opinion that is different from other people causes them to react differently to you and will needlessly allow them to put roadblocks in your way. You will need to express yourself quietly and work on your plan without disclosing your intentions to anyone outside of your circle.

In your search for success, you will find people who don’t want you to succeed. These people will do whatever it takes to stand in your way. When you realize the truth about any situation, those people will try to sway your opinion to how they think. Do not share your opinion. Just use the information correctly. There was a time in this country where there are three things you did not discuss: one is politics, two is religion, and three is money. With social media today, people find it easy to violate those standard rules. But remember, you are trying to find your freedom in an infinite blue ocean of opportunity.