If things don’t add up then subtract yourself

The one constant thing that happens to a lot of our clients here at Infinite Blue Ocean is that once they start changing and becoming better and reaching their goals, it is going to make people uncomfortable. They will even label you judge you and with well-meaning try to keep you in your place. You see the only thing that they understand is their world and you moving forward reminds them of their failure. This is why we encourage you to have a mastermind alliance with like-minded, forward-thinking individuals.

In this season of change, we notice many people go into the new year with enthusiasm and determination back quickly wears off after a few days. The reason for this temporary transformation is because we are still doing the same habits. We can change our minds, but we need to change our habits and our purpose. This is the primary reason why we require all of our clients to write down their goals. In many situations when they have shared their written goals with other people those people in their circles sometimes scoffs or poo-poo their plans. This is another reason why you need another circle of friends and acquaintances to support you to drive you and would we do coach you. The road is going to get rough, but that is expected on your journey to your infinite blue ocean.