Many times, we get on an airplane we sit comfortably and we know for an absolute fact that the pilot is going to reach his destination regardless. We do not take into consideration what it takes an airplane to get from one point to another. It actually takes a plan. That plan that I am speaking of is a flight plan. The captain knows what points on the ground he needs to reach to reach his destination. You would feel very uncomfortable with a pilot who does not have a flight plan to get you from point A to point B. However, this is how we live our lives every day.

An overwhelming 87% of people go through their day without a written plan. Are you guilty of this? Many people fool themselves into thinking the plan is in my head. Do you even remember the song you were singing while you were in the shower? Do you remember that great idea you had last night just so you drifted off to sleep? Do you remember that million-dollar idea from two weeks?

Our brains are magnificent works of art but in order to use it properly we have to have some sort of recall in the conscious mind. It starts with a written plan. The building you are sitting in right now the car that you drove to work all started with a written plan. Success is not achieved without writing it down.