Let’s look at the world as an infinite blue ocean. I will now choose to perceive of everything in this ocean as mine for the taking. What will I choose? What will I discard?

I will choose those things that most help me achieve my purpose. Though there are no set limitations of any kind on what I can have, I will want to be consistent in what I choose so I do not forget my destination and be lost – shipwrecked if you will – by contradictory things and desires that are not in line with the purpose I had when I began.

If I get in the car today to run an errand, but on the way forget my destination, will I accomplish my desired result? No, not until I remember my purpose and reset my course to my original destination. Thus, I must know what my end destination is to be if I am to arrive at the right place.

It is very beneficial to have, in writing, a definite purpose. The mind must be reminded of the intended destination if it is to be beneficial to us in helping us get there.

Day 1 – have a definite idea of where you are going