On the website, there is a free download of the IBO Quickstart Guide. This guide is a brief overview of the principles we teach at Infinite Blue Ocean to help people achieve the life they want. I encourage you to download this guide, if you haven’t done so yet, as your first step in moving forward. IBO University will cover each of these areas in much greater depth. Below is a excerpt for Day 6 from the guide.

In an infinite blue ocean there are a majority of people who are waiting for their life to change, waiting for people, places, and situations to resolve themselves so things will be okay. Things are okay now if I will take the right action on my own initiative. Procrastination can be a major enemy to us when trying to accomplish by our own initiative.
Fear can cause delay, and delay can cause opportunities to be missed. “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” – Og Mandino. I must be able to take positive action each day toward my definite objective no matter what obstacles I may face. To the extent it depends on me, I must act now.

Day 6 – don’t put it off if you can do it now