In this infinite blue ocean, there are a number of obstacles that can lead me astray if I don’t recognize them. A group of people with a common objective, working in harmony, can form a mastermind group. As part of this group, I have accountability, access to the assistance of others, and guidance when navigating through the most troubled waters.

Every Sunday, I meet with a group of people to discuss my primary wins the previous week and any challenges I may face in the week ahead. I have found this group to be of great value to me in sticking to my goals and in gaining greater insight into how to overcome challenges. Also, working in a spirit of harmony, we have come up with several innovative business ideas.

In addition to being business partners, I have found the group to be a great means of friendship and support. Reaching success may require overcoming many obstacles. Finding success is much easier when you are on the journey with other people who are looking for similar things out of life.

Day 2 – don’t go on your journey alone