If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. -Napoleon Hill

The importance of small things.

A beautifully subtle photo of a ballet dancer's feet as she is on pointe. The ballet dancer comes to mind when I think of the importance of small or seemingly insignificant things. The ballet dancer does not start his/her career saying, “My dance of Swan Lake tonight will be so expressive that it will be considered the greatest ballet performance in history.” We know this is not how it works. It takes practice after practice focusing on each movement and gesture of the body, honing every nuance until each moment is perfect. Only then can she begin to string a series of perfect movements together into a great performance. She works from the small and seemingly insignificant to eventually build the masterful entirety.

It is the same way with success. It is not enough for the pauper to say in January, “I want to make $10,000 each month by December of this year.” No! There are numerous small steps of doing that need to take place between January and December to make such a transition plausible. Each of these steps needs to be considered, planned and executed in order to achieve this meaningful result.

In reality, each of us is capable of great things. I think Napoleon Hill was emphasizing that we have to do small things really well in order to create that great thing.

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