04 May 2016
May 4, 2016

Stay Persistent!

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There is absolutely no way you can lose when you have persistence on your side. Many people encounter adversity. The problem with adversity is that after one or two roadblocks many people give up. This is a grim mistake because persistence pays. That phrase is not a cliché but is a known fact. Success is derived from keep on keeping on in the face of misfortune.

ibo dasI can point at many examples of adversity. Donald Trump encountered many obstacles in his life including a few bankruptcies. Businesses going under In addition, this is actually his fourth run at the presidency. His persistence has paid off, he has ignored all of the naysayers, conventional wisdom and he has though for himself. That makes him now the nominated president of United States from the Republican Party.

The people who give up the real losers. You must not give up in the face of adversity you must adjust your mind to an unpleasant situation so it does not destroy your spirit in the midst of adversity. Adversity really means that you are on the right path. If it were not difficult absolutely everyone would accomplish everything. However, right now only a select few do. To be honest with you close to 2% of people never give up and those people get everything in life that they want. Even if they have to make an adjustment on their goals. So stay persistent!