21 Sep 2016
September 21, 2016

Status quo is not your friend

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We witnessed many times the amount of people who encounter temporary difficulties completely giving up. Giving up is a travesty of justice for yourself. Adversity is going to come in when it does its signals that you are on the right track. Your job is to keep calm and anticipate adversity. The most common of dream killing adversities is the weight loss. Many people measure of our weight-loss by the scale. For three weeks they work out, they eat right and yet they only lose a couple pounds.  119460-117532Some people read this as deflating and go back to their old habits that caused them to gain weight in the first place. Weight loss is more about fat loss. Unbelievably fat weighs less than muscle. You could have lost 20 pounds of fat, which give you a net of 5 pounds lost. Knowing that would you continue? Of course you would continue. The same thing applies for your goals if you knew you are going to encounter at least 13 to 30 adversity but at the end of those adversities, you get your goal would you continue. Of course, she would and of course this means you are continuing your journey on this infinite blue ocean.