In today’s climate, many people are looking for answers outside of themselves. Unfortunately, people blame others for their situations. Many times they are seeking to find out the person hindering any success is the person themselves.

Recently I went to hire someone for a job assisting my staff and me. This person’s credentials were decent enough for me to consider them for the position. I called this person, and they did not answer the phone. I don’t leave messages for legal reasons. On four separate occasions, this individual refused to respond to the phone. This particular time I was going to leave a message with just my name and phone number. I could not leave a message because the voicemail was not set up. I finally gave up. I moved to another candidate.

I ran into the person I was going to hire. They were shocked I hired someone with less experience instead of them. She said, “I was expecting your call.” I said, “I called four times, and you never answered.” I could not leave a message because your voicemail was not set up. She replied I’m sorry I don’t answer unfamiliar phone calls. And she never had time to set up the voicemail. I told this young lady that “Opportunity” is not already in your contacts on your phone. She expected my phone number to be from her home area code and never answered my call.

My area code is from Arizona, and I know that every phone call I don’t know is a new opportunity. You would be surprised how many people have the same “I don’t want to answer a phone call if I don’t know the number” mentality. These people are standing in the way of their success.