Today’s blog comes from personal experience. On Wednesday afternoon, I experienced great joy and a euphoric feeling as several things were happening that were playing out nicely. The best part of feeling euphoric is knowing that other people around me feel good about accomplishing their goals. Napoleon Hill refers to this feeling of euphoria as getting in touch with your other self. Once you connect to your other self, great things seem to happen. This feeling is almost like the stars are lining up, and you are exceptionally unstoppable. I strongly suggest that when you get to this place where you connect to your other self, you must fight hard to stay there.

Unknowingly many people may disturb your connection to your other self. In my particular case, it came as a phone call. I have great coworkers and business partners and cherish all my connections and business dealings. However, a vendor called me and said disparaging things about one of my colleagues. I was offended not only by his comments but by his indirect assault on my connection to my other self. It was as if he threw me into a muddy pit while wearing white clothes. There will come a chance for you to connect to your other self; when that happens, be guarded about who you talk to and don’t allow anyone to disturb your peace.

Before I wrote this blog, my wife asked me about a recording artist gunned down outside of his home. I told my wife I had met this young man maybe three or four years ago, and he was earnest about his career. It has happened several times that people who are about to go to the next step of their career that someone or something severely interrupts that progress. They say you should not forget where you came from, meaning you should not abandon the people from your past or your background. I’m afraid I have to disagree with this assertion. Once you achieve success, you should dump and eliminate all references and connections. There is no nobility in being dead and no sovereignty in having people with nothing to lose to be around you. I realize what I’m saying may cause some discomfort for some people, but wholeheartedly You have to protect your peace and your other self’s presence.

Your success is coming quicker than you think, and once you get there, stop associating with people who have nothing to lose. Please don’t respond to their criticisms or comments. Keep in mind you are doing something they haven’t done. So keep your peace in the Infinite Blue Ocean of who you are.