While I sit here in my home office, there are so many different things that can take your energy away by just immersing yourself in all the bad news. My main home is in Southwest Louisiana. I mention that because right now, as I speak, there is a tropical storm that may turn into a hurricane by next week. It’s headed directly towards where I live—this past week dealing with the protest in all the bad news dealing with police brutality, Looting, and racist comments. I have been stuck here at my house for about three months now. I only get out occasionally for groceries or minor errands. All of this can take a toll on your mental health.

I find myself having to take A Break from social media, the news, and well-meaning friends who are just adding to the frustration. I’ve got to remind myself and others that we should not invest in outcomes that we can’t control. Everything has a cycle, and solutions for all of these issues are just around the corner. We need to make sure that we protect our mental health. Taking a break from social media and the news does not mean you care less about any of these issues, it’s just that you don’t want to drown in there.

I am going to pray for the safety of others in my family during this weather emergency. I am going to keep my positive mental attitude and do what I can for the solution from our country. I am also going to try to be as safe as possible in dealing with COVID-19. We wear a mask to protect us from the virus, so we need a mental cover to protect us from mental health issues. Remember, there is an ocean of solutions available and waiting for you.