25 Mar 2016
March 25, 2016


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We all have demons to deal with and in most cases, the demons we have to deal with are procrastination. In order for you to fully overcome procrastination, you have to understand that sometimes the people around you are your procrastination triggers. It is easy for someone to influence you and tell you that you do not have to do something you can put it off until tomorrow. The problem comes in when tomorrow actually never comes. This is when your mind needs to be focused on being definite. If you are not definite in your resolve and definite in your attitude, you will not overcome this world for of drifting away from your goals.procrastination

Surround yourself with people who are like-minded to have a definite purpose. You would not go to a mechanic for a medical problem so why would you hang out with people who do not have a definite purpose or who are easily swayed by drifting away from their goals. Your environment is extremely important to your success. Try to avoid negative and energy draining environments including people who are perpetually complaining.

By the way, Get off Facebook its the biggest time thief.