22 Oct 2020
October 22, 2020

Others’ Incompetence

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As you grow on your journey and start to find your other self (meaning: in the zone), you will be painfully aware of others’ deficiency once you start reaching your full potential. I am not meaning to sound harsh but merely pointing out an incredible problem. Once you start thinking big and acting on your goals, you will find and see quite brightly others’ incompetence. The reason you say this is because these people are not on your level and do not have the same commitment to excellence as you do. It is easy for you to get upset, but they are not on the same path as you.

Over the weekend, I had to travel to another part of the country, and it is quite apparent they are people who do not want to wear a mask or follow the rules. They are consequences for not following the rules, just like there are consequences for not following the natural laws of success. Please do not waste your time and energy, getting upset with people who do not have the same mindset or drive. I had to catch myself when a flight attendant was rude to me because of the airline’s mistake. The flight attendant did not want to find a solution to the problem; they would just let it go. Not seeing a solution would have left me sitting on the tarmac with no seat and no recourse. I was taken aback by the lack of concern in the sheer toxic rudeness of the flight attendant. I must take an inventory of the situation. I realize this had nothing to do with me at all. The flight attendant was in a position where they were part of a lower-class of flight attendants, basically the D squad. The gate agent found a proper solution to the mistake the airline made. The gate agent did it with a smile, and the situation was a win-win.

As you become more aware of your success in your climb to the top, remember 87% of the people around you are just drifting with no goals and no ambition. You are part of the 13% who are claiming there’s steak in the American dream.