You cannot become what you want if you keep attaching yourself to old habits. During this pandemic, there is an opportunity to change and become what you want. It is a time for you to reach out to those people you don’t have time to and to network digitally. Many people are using this opportunity to catch up on sleep, which is a myth. Many people are using this opportunity to drink and smoke as much as possible. The inspired and successful are using this opportunity to get ahead of the game and make the necessary changes in their lives. What are you going to do with your time.?

Another instance of people wasting time is worrying about what people think of them—trying to portray themselves as something they are not. The biggest violators are broke people who are going broke trying to show other broke people that they are not broke. Wake up. I’ve said this before, but a person who is not willing to look bad in front of others is a person you can easily conquer. There is an infinite blue ocean of opportunity out there. Let go of your poor habits and seize your day.