Imagine getting on the airplane and the pilot set the airplane on autopilot and do nothing else. That is exactly what happens when you do not make a decision. We need to make decisions quickly and change them slowly. The problem is for the vast majority of Americans they make zero decisions and leave the life on autopilot. That is a recipe for disaster.

The result of not making a decision.

The result of not making a decisions.

You are in a job you do not like but you are refusing to make a decision to send out a resume because you have many excuses. That is all they are excuses. What would happen if you actually sent out your resume and someone called and wanted to hire you? Would that be so bad? Alternatively, is it you are leaving it on autopilot because you want things to happen for you? That is the same as saying to a campfire give me the heat first then I will give you the logs you need to supply the heat. It merely does not work that way.

Start today making decisions quickly and changing them very slowly. The more you get into the zone the more you find yourself being productive you will find it easier to make decisions quickly because leaving it on autopilot is a formula for catastrophe