There is no success in focusing on what’s wrong with you, why you feel worthless, or why it’s not your fault. Focus on your strengths. Take responsibility. And succeed. Many people talk their way out of success because they feel that they don’t have the qualifications or the background to achieve. They focus on their weaknesses and do not concentrate on their strengths. This mindset is a severe problem. And it’s incredible how many people will also point out your flaws and try to hold you hostage to keep you in place. Forget your weaknesses. They cannot help you, but your strengths can carry you through everything. The first strength that you have that is not visibly seen is your courage. Take the time to build up the courage and jump. What I mean by jump is to take a leap of faith and move forward. You need to take that first step to win and recognize your full potential.

The day you realize your power is the day you take back your destiny. You don’t want to give up ever because it’s like abandoning your ship. You are the captain of that ship. Everything is possible, but you can’t give up.