Danielle & Jake were scheduled to be married this Saturday with a lovely ceremony in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Unfortunately, this wedding will not take place. Several people encourage this couple to seek premarital counseling before they take their nuptials. The prenuptial counseling had not been done, but the wedding was planned, the guests were invited, and this fairy tale day was designed with no detail left out. This couple began premarital counseling in mid-November. Danielle was not motivated to go through counseling because she was fixated on the actual ceremony but eventually agreed to go.

Couples counseling revealed something significant. I highly recommend couples counseling before the nuptials, so you have a good road map for making things work. Jake was very analytical in his thinking that premarital counseling was an excellent idea. Over the weeks of counseling, it became very apparent that Danielle was only centered on the actual wedding day and not the marriage itself. Her motivation and mindset were just on how beautiful this day will be, and she will be the Princess of the day. She had little interest in the marriage or what it took to keep it together.

After the last counseling session that was very heated, Jake decided that this marriage would not work. He felt that Danielle did not want to be a partner in the marriage and that her selfish decision-making was suspect. Danielle even suggested that they still get married because everyone was invited and get an annulment a week later. Danielle, hurt and embarrassed that her wedding will not occur, told her family and friends that Jake Is a jerk for ruining her day. These two are prime examples of your motivation revealing your mindset.

Your mindset is everything. The path must be clear, in your motivation must be focused for you to get your Infinite Blue Ocean.