Too many times, we let life get in the way. There are many things that we are trying to accomplish, but the least little adversity gets in the way, we give up, and we get sidetracked from our ultimate goals. Too many times, we are at the mercy of the things that mattered the least, requiring our attention. No one wants to be the bad guy, but you have to make goals and boundaries a priority. There is no need for you to spend most of your time dealing with things that do not bring you closer to your objectives.

We set out and create a priority list of what’s important to you. Once you make this list, please refer to it as often as possible when making decisions. Many of our clients claim that they have no time or resources to execute their plans. But once you examine their free time and their spending habits, you find ample time and resources. One thing that we found in our clients when it comes to time is that they spend a lot of their free time on the weekends not going towards their objectives, but they spend time trying to catch up on sleep, which is impossible. Many times we find clients spending a great deal of money on the latest smartphone or close to $3000 a year on television entertainment. We point out to our clients that the most successful people in the world read more books than they spend time in front of a television.

Stop today and set your boundaries, and prioritizing you will get back on track.