29 May 2021
May 29, 2021

Make a Move

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Many factors go into making a decision that is going to be life-altering. The problem is that many people do not make a decision at all, and then they become the victim of circumstances. When you come to crossroads, you have to make a decision. The best decisions are the ones that are informed. 70% of the time, in the fullness of time, decisions you’ve made will be wrong. But 100% of the time, not making a decision will have dire consequences.

Many people avoid making decisions because they are afraid they are going to make a wrong decision. A part of the success process is making bad decisions and then learning from those decisions and making course corrections. A plane flying from New York to Los Angeles will have to make many decisions along the way because the plane is not going to fly in a straight line because of many factors. In the flight path, you will have unexpected turbulence. It’s just part of flying a plane. Many decisions will be made. Imagine if the pilot made no decisions and drifted due to circumstances. The results of that will be disastrous. Make a decision and move forward or make a decision and learn.