06 Jun 2015
June 6, 2015

Know Thyself

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Those times in the past when I’ve gone through periods where I wasn’t sure what I want or what I believe, I found that I would end up at a place I didn’t want to be. Either others would fill my mind with things I didn’t think were right, or I would end up trying to please others to get what I want rather than becoming first the person I want to be and attracting based on that.

A person who does not have a definite purpose in life is going to be susceptible to others influence – which may be very destructive – and is more likely to spend valuable time on efforts that do not yield positive results. A definite purpose I think is best when it most closely aligns with who a person chooses to be.

I have found when I have a definite idea of God and his role in my life, fear of Divine Providence and the judgement of others dissipates. When I know the outcome I want out of a relationship, my time and efforts are much more likely to be applied wisely. When I am conscious of the fact that I have the complete right of control over my thoughts and desires, and that my own ultimate destiny is in my hands and nobody else’s, I build personal power.

Have a great weekend and live inspired!