Do you have a feeling in the bottom of your stomach telling you that there is more? More to life?

Is There More to YOUR life?

Yes? Welcome to Infinite Blue Ocean!

Abstract concept of Infinite Abundance: a donut shape with red, yellow and blue colors swirling around the shape.You are the person for whom we created Infinite Blue Ocean. We will guide you on your adventure showing you how to join the 2% of people who are enlightened about the way businesses and relationships work and who enjoy infinite abundance.

As with any new adventurous journey, there will be obstacles to overcome and I want to discuss the first obstacle – advice from your friends and family. Unless your friends and family are enlightened and understand infinite abundance, they will give you well meant advice similar to the following.

“You can always go back to health insurance sales if your scheme doesn’t work.”

“Aren’t you close to getting a promotion at work?”

“Instead, why don’t you ask to go part-time at the auto parts store so that you can test the waters.”

The advice above is poison. Completely disregard it. Take the attitude that there is no way back to your old life. To succeed, you will need a burning desire for success and an “all in” positive attitude. Jump off the cliff and know that you will fly! Don’t harm good relationships, but do cut from your life everything that does not serve you. You will not have time to waste on that which does not serve you.