Many times, we get on an airplane we sit comfortably and we know for an absolute fact that the pilot is going to reach his destination regardless. We do not take into consideration what it takes an airplane to get from one point to another. It actually takes a plan. That plan that I am.. read more →

Within human beings the sex drive is the strongest drive we have. It is the strongest driving force to action that we have. It is good, when effectively managed and when it arises at the right time and situation. However, it can weaken us and distort reason when it is not effectively mastered. One might.. read more →

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. -Napoleon Hill The importance of small things. The ballet dancer comes to mind when I think of the importance of small or seemingly insignificant things. The ballet dancer does not start his/her career saying, “My dance of Swan Lake tonight will be.. read more →

As we all pass through life looking at people and materialistic things around us, we often tend to look at people above us and desire to be like them. It is said that a man complained about his old shoes until he saw a man who had no feet. Contentment is one of the most.. read more →

It was 2006 and I went into the doctor for a routine checkup. I asked the doctor to take a look at a lump I’d had on my neck for sometime but didn’t think much about because it seemed harmless. The doctor took a look and said it looked abnormal and sent me in for.. read more →

Do you have a feeling in the bottom of your stomach telling you that there is more? More to life? Is There More to YOUR life? Yes? Welcome to Infinite Blue Ocean! You are the person for whom we created Infinite Blue Ocean. We will guide you on your adventure showing you how to join the.. read more →

Mike Rowe, host of the popular Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs, recently highlighted the dichotomy of how we portray work in America — in one corner, the romantic, blue-collar ideal of “working harder,” and in the other, the urban, Blackberry-toting notion of “working smarter.” And while Rowe’s comments were meant to illustrate the contrast between.. read more →

Day 3 In the beginning of any endeavor, we may be frightened, question whether we have what it takes to succeed, and doubt that things will turn out well. In this state, it is very easy to talk myself out of trying in the first place. Before success can become a reality, one must have.. read more →

Successful People Use the Tool of a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) to Achieve Success PMA Innate or Learned It is not always easy to think in a positive way. Some seem to come by positive thinking naturally. Others tend toward the negative. My IBO partners Jerold and Steve are two of the most positive people.. read more →

You know and experience this world only through the perceptions that you create. You have the ability to choose how you perceive any event in your life, and you exercise this power of choice in every circumstance, every day of your life. No matter what the situation, you choose your reaction, assigning meaning and value.. read more →

In this infinite blue ocean, there are a number of obstacles that can lead me astray if I don’t recognize them. A group of people with a common objective, working in harmony, can form a mastermind group. As part of this group, I have accountability, access to the assistance of others, and guidance when navigating.. read more →

The Power of Connecting One to Many In order to achieve the success you desire, it is helpful to gain leverage using the concept of connecting “One to Many.” Social media is powerful because it connects the individual to many people. You can keep up with the daily lives of friends and family, even over.. read more →

It has always been my mission in life to find out what successful people do. Start by following these steps: 1. Start spending time with the right people. – These are the people you enjoy, who love and appreciate you, and who encourage you to improve in healthy and exciting ways.  They are the ones.. read more →

Let’s look at the world as an infinite blue ocean. I will now choose to perceive of everything in this ocean as mine for the taking. What will I choose? What will I discard? I will choose those things that most help me achieve my purpose. Though there are no set limitations of any kind.. read more →