Imagine getting on the airplane and the pilot set the airplane on autopilot and do nothing else. That is exactly what happens when you do not make a decision. We need to make decisions quickly and change them slowly. The problem is for the vast majority of Americans they make zero decisions and leave the.. read more →

We specialize in helping people get to the next level. Our biggest obstacle is what is people tell themselves. Many times while it is important to be realistic about the situation, our assessment is often flawed. We state to people that we cannot find a job we want because there are none out there. Really?.. read more →

11 Jan 2016
January 11, 2016

Staying in the zone

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Being in the zone is a point where you are due for a week in another place mentally and you are making decisions quickly and accurately. Your mind is focused on task and your productivity is skyrocketing. These moments are called “In the Zone”. You cannot see any distractions or adversities you only see what.. read more →

Sometimes resistance to what is can keep keep us stuck in an angry and resentful state. We keep seeking to change things outside ourselves to make them the way we want them to be, expending energy to no avail, while we damage ourselves inside-where it really counts. “The moment you completely accept your non-peace, your.. read more →

10 Jun 2015
June 10, 2015

Having Empowering Habits

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The law of cosmic habitforce states that all matter is subject to the influence of its environment. Nature’s laws are always in place. By taking control of my habits, I seek to control this order. If my habits are positive, I plant positive seeds for good things to happen. However, if my habits are negative,.. read more →

06 Jun 2015
June 6, 2015

Know Thyself

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Those times in the past when I’ve gone through periods where I wasn’t sure what I want or what I believe, I found that I would end up at a place I didn’t want to be. Either others would fill my mind with things I didn’t think were right, or I would end up trying.. read more →

On the website, there is a free download of the IBO Quickstart Guide. This guide is a brief overview of the principles we teach at Infinite Blue Ocean to help people achieve the life they want. I encourage you to download this guide, if you haven’t done so yet, as your first step in moving.. read more →

A positive mental attitude (PMA) is rooted in a virtue and attracts the good things we desire in life. When our attitude is positive, we free ourselves from the blocks that could inhibit progress. Remember, our own thoughts and attitude are the only things in life over which we have the complete right of control… read more →

A few weeks ago I had the chance to speak at a local event called Success Camp 2015. The topic was overcoming fear and doubt. I was excited to talk about these things, as I believe that an awareness of the destructiveness of fear, and the inability to believe that a person can achieve the.. read more →

26 May 2015
May 26, 2015

Road Blocks Busted

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The very minute you decide to be unwavering and focused, negative energy will seek you out to disrupt you and make you drift away from your purpose. Resist drifting by any means necessary. Sometimes that negative energy can come from those close to you. BE very aware that your progress is going to make some.. read more →

24 May 2015
May 24, 2015

Accurate Thought

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Accuracy in thinking is critical. It is important to learn to be a free thinker and in order to do this, one needs to be able to gather the right information to make wise decisions and to form sound opinions. Failure to do this leaves one unable to discern falsehoods and is left susceptible to.. read more →

A few years ago, my granddaughter asked me why horses have those black patches around their eyes. I told her it is called blinders and it is to keep them focused so they do not get distracted. In thinking about that when I decided to write this blog today I closed the door on my.. read more →

Time is a valuable resource. How we use it will effect the quality of our life. Make sure time is used to your advantage in helping you achieve your definite purpose. Get control over that which you can control – don’t give your power to others. Some key things to keep in mind regarding managing.. read more →

In a recent conversation with Steve one of the members of Infinite Blue Ocean we were talking about why people decide not to pursue their dreams. One of the situations that would come up on is that people do not want to walk the path of success by themselves they would like to have a.. read more →

Money is a critical resource. How we manage our finances will have a significant impact on the quality of our life and our ability to meet life’s opportunities. In managing money, it is important to plan, prioritize, and organize finances effectively. Have a definite purpose in place for your life and make sure that your money.. read more →

17 May 2015
May 17, 2015

Afraid of what?

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Believe it or not many people are afraid to go after what they want because they don’t want to fail. So they choose the safe alternative to keep drifting through their lives never accomplishing anything because they afraid to fail. I live in Kansas City. In 2007 the Kansas City Royals set out a plan.. read more →

Our personality is the most important thing we possess. It is what we are and will determine our success in relationships with others and our ability to yield positive results from our efforts. Some methods of making ourselves more attractive to others are: 1. Focus on others – see things from their point of view… read more →

What is “In the Zone”? It is a feeling where decisions are easy, you are at your pinnacle of happiness and the fruits of your labor seem to come easy. This is also the area where you are going to attract the resources you need to accomplish your goals. Some people call it many names.. read more →

The majority of the rewards go to those who exceed expectations. Only doing the bare minimum receives minimal return. In order to be compensated at a higher level, a higher level of service needs to be rendered. “One reaps what they sow.” The universe will reward back the value created by our efforts. There is.. read more →

Let’s give these false beliefs a dose of reality! 1)  I need to stick to my plan. No you don’t! It is important to plan ahead, but expect to alter the plan often. Experiment to identify what works and what doesn’t work in your business. Constantly improve and accept change. If you haven’t already, read.. read more →

It is quite easy to be caught up in the vortex of negativity. I know it is not easy to escape but you must try. The first thing you must do is create an atmosphere of positivity. You know when you are in a negative atmosphere because the people around you are working hard to.. read more →

07 May 2015
May 7, 2015

Living Healthy

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Until I got in my late thirties, I have to admit that health was something I took for granted and was not something I consciously made an effort to develop. I naturally burned calories fast and stayed relatively thin no matter what I ate. I could load myself with caffeine, nicotine, and other harmful substances.. read more →