A few weeks ago I had the chance to speak at a local event called Success Camp 2015. The topic was overcoming fear and doubt. I was excited to talk about these things, as I believe that an awareness of the destructiveness of fear, and the inability to believe that a person can achieve the good things their heart desires, are two of the biggest stumbling blocks one can encounter. These two things can create the greatest obstacles to us in achieving the life we desire, so lets take a closer look at how we can be limited by fear and doubt.

With faith, we are not lacking in anything. Faith drives out doubt and fears. When we have faith, we are guided by Infinite Intelligence and can tap into reserves of strength and courage we did not know existed. An outlook based on faith is one that is better able to recognize infinite possibility, giving us a success consciousness where we are actually bring to ourselves the success that is desired.

In order to build the God-given gift of faith, there are several things we can do today to begin applying faith in our lives. Some of these faith building techniques are:

1. Remove all negativity
2. Practice prayer and meditation regularly
3. “Let go and let God.” Open the mind and let go of detrimental self-will that may be causing a spiritual blockage
4. Always begin prayers with gratitude for what one already has
5. Have a positive mental attitude
6. Reinforce regularly a definite major purpose
7. Recognize and seek to rid myself of irrational fears

Some common fears people often have are fears of poverty, criticism, death/disease, relationship loss, and loss of freedom. Look at these areas, and where fears exist, seek to replace the fear with a positive, faith-based thought. Focus the mind on the outcome you want, not on what you don’t want. If disease is the fear, focus on health. If poverty, focus on the tremendous economic opportunity here in the United States at this point in time. Fear begins to lose its power when the dominating thinking is the desirable outcome.

The cure for fear and unbelief is faith. Faith is built by conditioning the mind to believe in the possibility of the things desired. Believe in a higher source of power, commit to a positive mental attitude, and seek the benefit in every temporary defeat.

Best wishes for your continued success!