10 Jun 2015
June 10, 2015

Having Empowering Habits

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The law of cosmic habitforce states that all matter is subject to the influence of its environment. Nature’s laws are always in place. By taking control of my habits, I seek to control this order. If my habits are positive, I plant positive seeds for good things to happen. However, if my habits are negative, I plant negative seeds and invite bad things to happen.

Repetition is what makes a habit permanent. If we repetitively think about what we do want, we bring ourselves closer to that outcome. Likewise, if I focus on the negative that I do not want, I bring myself closer to that outcome. Thus, I become a product of what I think and do habitually.

Remember, the first step in controlling habits is in controlling one’s thoughts. My thoughts are the only thing I can control completely if I decide to do so.