A positive mental attitude (PMA) is rooted in a virtue and attracts the good things we desire in life. When our attitude is positive, we free ourselves from the blocks that could inhibit progress. Remember, our own thoughts and attitude are the only things in life over which we have the complete right of control.

Attitude can be classified in two ways: positive and negative. A positive mental attitude (PMA) attracts the desirable things we want in life, while a negative mental attitude repels. Some attributes of a positive mental attitude (PMA) are: gratitude, hope, contribution, love, courage, and serenity. Some aspects of a negative mental attitude (NMA) are: fear, worry, codependency, emotional disturbance, ill health, and poor discernment.

How can I make my attitude positive? An important factor is putting one’s trust in Infinite Intelligence. PMA is based on faith, which drives out fear. Also, surround yourself with like-minded people and live life with a purpose. Clean house of resentments, grudges, and ongoing negative influences. Additionally, practice prayer and meditation regularly to improve conscious contact with God.

Some benefits of PMA are self-confidence, better health, and one is happier. Also, PMA attracts success to us. PMA also opens the mind to learning effectively from life’s challenges and using adversity to one’s advantage.

Live today inspired!