The Infinite Blue Ocean Mindset

We are all subject to the influence of our environment. Nature’s laws are always in place. By taking control of my habits, I seek to control this order. If my habits are positive, I plant positive seeds for good things to happen. However, if my habits are negative, I plant negative seeds and invite bad things to happen. Repetition is what makes a habit permanent. If we repetitively think about what we do want, we bring ourselves closer to that outcome. Likewise, if I focus on the negative that I do not want, I bring myself closer to that outcome. Thus, I become a product of what I think and do habitually. Remember, the first step in controlling habits is in controlling one’s thoughts. My thoughts are the only thing I can control completely if I decide to do so.

My thinking is the one thing I have complete right of control over. Probably more than anything else, the quality of my thinking will determine the quality of my life. My analysis of people and situations will greatly influence how I feel and eventually act. Don’t be easily swayed by the opinions of others. Do my own homework, know what I want and value and why, and respond on my beliefs. Problems are tied to errors in thinking. Where problems and disturbances exist, there will also be an error in my thinking that persists. Once the thinking is corrected, the mind will find a solution. I must always review my thinking to ensure that I am not giving falsehoods power, that I am not allowing dishonesty or selfishness to cloud my judgment, and that I am being present and looking at things from a positive, not negative, frame of mind.

The ocean of possibilities is infinite. Each day I will be confronted with many things that can cause me to drift away from my purpose. In order to arrive at the desired destination, I must embrace the concept of self-control. Mastery of the emotions is a very important factor. I must continue to think and act out of virtues that bring me closer to the positive and abundant things my heart desires. Daily, I must search inside to uncover fear, lusts, selfishness, and dishonesty that can lead me astray and to drift. An action plan is a good way of staying focused. I write down a basic framework for a day which includes some reflection and meditation time. I ask myself questions such as how does this bring me closer to my goal when a questionable situation or opportunity arises. My mind must be trained to help me to achieve my definite aim.

At the beginning of any endeavor, we may be frightened, question whether we have what it takes to succeed, and doubt that things will turn out well. In this state, it is very easy to talk myself out of trying in the first place. Before success can become a reality, one must have faith that it can be done and that I can do it. Faith comes from being open to Infinite Intelligence to provide me the confidence, wisdom, and guidance to arrive at my destination successfully, overcoming any obstacles I may face, without being debilitated by my fears, doubts, and any rejection I may encounter. Believe and act as if my desired outcome is going to be achieved so consistency in thought and action is executed.