I am back from vacation with my wife, and just before I left on vacation, I made a post saying be happy for no reason like a child. One of my primary goals on my vacation was to get into some water. It was my mantra for four weeks. I had a countdown, and I consistently told my wife how many days and hours were left until I got into some water. My ultimate goal was to get into the Gulf of Mexico because I enjoy saltwater better than freshwater. The beach at our resort lacked deep water near our resort, and the current was strong, not very conducive for swimming in the ocean, so I spent quite a bit of time in the swim-up pool. I was very happy for no reason. Even as I write this, I am suffering from sunburns. The water was enjoyable, and the vacation was stellar.

I mentioned the childlike wonder of the world. Children believe everything is possible. We, as adults, do not feel the same way, but the children are right; everything is possible. When you have that type of can-do mindset where everything is possible, you will not stop until you get it. That is the winning mindset. Why do children know that, and we don’t? Go back to that mindset, believe everything is possible, and don’t give up ever.