16 May 2018
May 16, 2018

Going The Extra Mile

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Go the Extra Mile

Go the Extra Mile

In today’s world, many like to live their lives by doing the bare minimum, which gets tasks done but doesn’t express one’s real potential. It is 2018; it is time to go the extra mile. It is time to start putting in the additional work to be an outstanding person not only through your job performance but also in your personal life. Working harder and smarter is what every individual should be doing at this time because your time is precious and is not to be wasted on laziness.

When someone goes to the extreme and does more than what is expected of him/her, they are living up to their full potential. Being motivated to achieve your goals is the first step to going the extra mile because once you are motivated, it becomes easier to work and carry out the purposes you have for yourself. It is the time to stop lying to yourself; anyone can be a morning person if he or she tries hard enough, you need to get up and put in the work for YOURSELF. Happiness is earned through the effort you put in to secure it.