Every day we wake up is a new day. There is absolutely nothing you can do about the past, That moment is gone, and you cannot get it back. It’s frightening how many people focus on the past and are held hostage by that past. It would be best if you broke free from this self-imposed bondage. Your energy needs to focus on the future. Everything in the world is possible in the future except changing the past.

So-called well-meaning family and friends sometimes remind you of the past in their attempt to hold you in place. You see, your growth means Change to them. Change is the only constant thing. In 1981, blogs did not exist, websites did not exist, and there were no text messages. Some people still fight Change because they are afraid of Change, but I am here to tell you that Change is not scared of you.

Focus on the future and forget the past. There is nothing new to see there.