I have noticed that in the last three months, we have focused a lot on relationships. The focus on a relationship with the wrong person can cause massive damage to your health, wealth, and happiness. Many times we are compelled to stay in relationships because they are familiar to us. Being with someone just because you know them is not a good reason to stay in a relationship and may be detrimental to your future. Many people try to find a match that matches their love for them and their long-term goals. It is not insensitive to think about the end game when choosing a mate. We find that the end game is trying to find a powerful spouse.

If you are dating and it’s not to find a spouse or an end game, you are wasting your time and most likely wasting theirs. You do not want to enter into a relationship that’s not going to last. We’re not saying settling down with the first person that comes along. We are merely saying find a person that matches you, and when you discover that it’s not a complete match, it is probably time to move on. There is nothing wrong with being courteous with yourself and others’ time. It would be best if you protect your health, wealth, and happiness at all times so you can sail in an infinite blue ocean of opportunity.


If things don’t add up then subtract yourself