20 Aug 2020
August 20, 2020

Famous or Rich

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I work in an industry where people sign up to be either famous or rich. The music business is very glamorous, but the word business is vital. People in our industry, when they want to sign a record deal, they look at the stylish side of fame, and they want that. That is absolutely the wrong approach. Because fame does not necessarily equal wealth.

Whitney Houston was famous, but the guy who paid Whitney Houston was Clive Davis, and he is wealthy. Oprah is rich, but the network CEOs and the publications Editors are wealthy. Fame has its place and can turn into wealth if the popularity is appropriately used. I am not in any way saying you should stay under the radar. I am saying your goal is to be wealthy, and that is your mission.

The father that raised me was a strict disciplinarian, but he instilled in me; there should always be a reason for everything. What is your “why”? Why are you doing this? In other words, every project you take on should have an endgame.  Yesterday after many setbacks, I retreated for the day. I say retreated because I am never going to give up. I know that my endgame is near, and the universe is going to make me work for whatever I need. Please have that type of resilience. You want to be wealthy, and that is your endgame to your Infinite Blue Ocean.