Just a note we are not marriage counselors, nor are we therapist. Sometimes clients realize they need to make a change based on their own experiences in the direction they want to go to in their lives. Some people realize when may want to make changes for the better and advise the person that is their spouse may be something I need to change too. I think if you want to ask for divorce, do not wait until the New Year. Go ahead and rip off the Band-Aid and here are some of the reasons why:

Divorce during the holiday?

Divorce during the holiday?

In today’s world, families are often spread across the country. Your partner’s parents, siblings and even friends may live in different cities. The holidays are a time of gathering. In addition, even if there is nothing planned, their marriage is over this time when people tend to be available and may be able to rally to support a person reeling from the realization.

You have been processing this decision for a time, whereas it may come as a surprise to your spouse. The holidays often offer a break from work for a few days. Days that can be coming to terms with the new reality while they do not have to sit in a cubicle while wearing sunglasses to hide teary eyes.

If you have the discussion sooner rather than later, you are spared from the performance of “Everything’s Fine,” a challenging role to assume at any time and even more so when the entire world seems to be celebrating.

Start NOW, the sooner the better to get the life you really want because there are plenty of fish in your Infinite Blue Ocean.